Human resources – ways to convey appreciation to your employees

appreciationHuman resources can be defined as a group of individuals who build up the workforces of a company, business organization or an economy. Although, “human capital” is used sometimes in place of human resources, they differ somewhat. The department in a company which manages the human resources in the organization is called human resource management, abbreviated as HRM, or even HR. In the world of HR, appreciation towards employees is an integral part to maintaining a positive work environment and achieving business success.


Appreciation and respect in the workplace is what creates a fine line between negative and positive attitudes in employees. Appreciation makes one feel respected and valued and this creates a sense of connection between the employee and the organization. This in turn helps to bring out the best from the employee. Appreciation is highly motivating and necessary if the employee did a job correctly for which he might have had little training, or if the job was quite a complex and difficult one. If someone comes forward to finish an unfinished task, he/she should be appreciated as well.

A few ways to show appreciation

There are many ways to show appreciation. Identifying a few specific positive qualities of a coworker and praising him/her for that is one way to show appreciation. Paying attention to an employees work environment and bringing in positive changes in it like good furniture and equipments are also ways of showing appreciation.Organizing group activities like picnics, outings or even sports or cultural events can also motivate employees.

Once or twice a year, parties can be thrown to celebrate the successes and achievements of a department and acknowledgements should be given towards employees who played a part, however small it is. A “thank you” or a “please” can do wonders as well. It is good to know of a coworker’s interests, so that an appreciated gift can be given as a token of appreciation. Being genuinely interested in knickknacks of a coworker can make the coworker feel valued. Appreciation bonuses, gift certificates, tickets to a sporting event all can light up an employee. Once in a while, coworkers can be taken to lunch as well, even if there’s no occasion. Bringing in chocolates and other food stuffs occasionally, for the workers, are known to light up everyone’s faces.


Whether it’s as trivial as a small “thank you”, conveying appreciation to employees is always a must, so that the employees feel valued and they can positively contribute towards the organization.

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